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Application deadline: June 1, 2012

Turkiye invites students from all over the world to its internationally qualified universities for higher education in any field with scholarship opportunities at the highest standards.

Attaching importance to academic guidance, the student-centred Turkiye Scholarships promise self-confident students a unique experience.

The Turkiye Scholarships ensure you to improve your qualifications, gain new perspectives and suit yourselves with new abilities, making you one step ahead of others in your career.

You can shape your future in many departments of the best universities from engineering to medicine, from business administration to history with language alternatives such as Turkish, English or French.

Scholarships available for every country and nation in the world!

Turkiye provides higher education scholarships every year for thousands of students from all over the World. More than 150 countries’ students continue their university education in Turkiye.

Scholarships are available in undergraduate, graduate, PhD, research and summer courses level. Successful students will have a chance to study in any field they want.

The Turkiye Scholarships provide the students studying in Turkiye with wide opportunities. With the scholarship granted to you, you can matriculate at a university and utilize the health services of that university without making any payment. In addition, a specific amount of scholarship fee is put into your bank account every month. This amount will be enough to continue your education and enjoy the social facilities in Turkiye freely. Meanwhile, you are provided with housing opportunities as well. Moreover, this scholarship does cover the Turkish language education provided to you before starting your university program and your round trip flight ticket from your country to Turkiye. This scholarship is granted for Turkish language learning for one year and for the period of academic education including the preparatory year.

Who can apply?

Turkiye Scholarships are for citizens of any country other than the Republic of Turkiye. It is a must for students to succeed at least 60% of the score in academic grading type they specify in their applications (high school diploma grade/grade of high school exit exam/grade of university entrance exam/international exam grade or any of academic grading criteria or grade point average corresponding to previous terms in the case of uncertainty of diploma grade must be given).

Obtain more information and specific requirements for each scholarship from www.turkiyeburslari.org or www.trscholarships.org.

To watch the Turkiye Scholarships video, please see: http://www.ytb.gov.tr/bursbanner/

How to apply?

You can apply via www.trscholarships.org / www.turkiyeburslari.org or through the Turkish Embassies or Consulates in your country. Candidates intending to apply via the addresses www.trscholarships.org /or www.turkiyeburslari.org can easily complete their applications by uploading the required documents on the electronic system. Candidates intending to apply through the Turkish Embassies or Consulates or via mail can complete their application by submitting the required documents to the relevant representative offices until the end of the day of the deadline related to the application-making period.

Required documents

Applicants can receive information on required documents related to the scholarships they want to apply from www.trscholarships.org / www.turkiyeburslari.org or the Turkish Embassies or Consulates in their countries.


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