Consul General Ferhat Alkan's Letter to the Editor published in Houston Chronicle regarding the Constitutional Referendum in Turkey (April 22, 2017)

Houston Başkonsolosluğu 22.04.2017

Allies support each other

Regarding “Turkey’s travails” (Page A16, Wednesday), Turke respects free will of the Americans at 2016 Presidential Election, Turkish nation expects the same from the U.S. That’s what allies are for.

Referendums are not new to Turkish democracy. April 16th Constitutional Amendments Referendum was the 7th where almost 50 million people voted, including Turks living abroad, with %85,32 turnout, highest in Europe. The result was %51.41 in favor of the amendments.

Questioning the decision of the Turkish nation is disrespectful and discriminatory. Results with a close margin does not give the right to the third parties to belittle 25 million “Yes” voters and applaud 23 million “No” voters. We do not recall the Brexit with a %51.9-%48.1 result and the final say of the Brits being disrespected.

The editorial’s call for intervention through sanctions with a hope to design Turkey’s domestic politics is also scandalous. Against unfair criticism, Turkey remains a key NATO ally for almost 65 years.

Instead of misconstruing the outcome of an ally’s democratic referendum, focus more on ways to strengthen Trans-Atlantic ties, mitigate worrying climate of xenophobia in Europe andsecurity threats unfolding around the world.


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